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What we do before Chinese New Year?

Foreign friends may be curious about how we spend a Chinese New Year and what we do before this exiting holiday.

Below are some different people’s activities before holiday:

1, Students are studding over night to prepare for final exam, because everybody want to have a happy holiday without any blame or publish from their teachers and parents.

Usually TV will be shut down, Ipad will be stocked. No games, no friends what they have are examination papers, home works and books.

2, Workers are pushed to finish the projects with 3 meals at the work site

3, Undergraduates are facing the most difficult thing which is to get a train ticket to go back home. Every year there are about billions of peoples rush from a city far away from home back.

4, For bosses, they are busy with collecting their fund from their clients for cooperating partners. Because they need pay a lot of salaries to staff.

5, The most hard ones are we sales persons in a factory like these ones in our factory. In a Chinese factory, you will find people are in a battle every day before the Chinese new year.

Customers are pushing for goods delivery, raw material suppliers are pushing for payments, and even some of the sales need go to factory plant to help with the production. Especially in our factory, sales need work at least 3 hours in the plant after everyday office job to packing led modules, to testing led strip lights or even solder the wires of the PCB board for sign led light modules.LED Module Lighting produce

We love holidays, but we don’t love these days before it.