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How to Get Order Quickly?

How to get orders quickly?

How to get orders quickly

How to get orders quickly? Every sales person want to get the answer to this is a question.

I thought I got the answer yesterday after one order was confirm after half one hour’s online talking with customer.

The starting of this story was a simple inquiry from our website: And then end with a online handshaking. To conclude how to get orders quickly, my opinions are as below:

1, Know your products very well.

Good products with USP (unique sales points) are the basics, but sales person need be familiar with the products very very much. They can blurt out the specifications, features and applications once customer need. Take our LED Module Lights for example; we need to know the wattage of each model, the input voltage, IP rate, CRI and all other essential information.

rgb led module

2, Listen to customer requests carefully.

To understand what they need, write down one by one then to draw a draft in your mind about the project. Personally, I hate to ask customer questions like “ How many do you need?”. Why can’t we know better about what customer need before asking them how many then need for products?

3, Be patient and be helpful.

Don’t want to explain more, just be“`

4, Offer solutions besides products

Customers often buy some products based on their experiences of product use. Thus they may not know some better solutions were ready to offer. Let alone some new hand buyers, if solutions can be SOLD with products, that will be of great help to them I argue. In this case, my customer needs some solid strips for light boxes, after getting detailed information about the boxes size and installing way. Some of our new side lighting led strips were recommended replace the outdated double-sided led strips. Then save cost for customers and also easier the jobs when installation.

led module rgb

5, Be flexible on conditions and terms

Rules rule by people, right? Of course Every Company has their own rules which are really needed. However, we need to be flexible when customer needs some exception like shorter lead time, payment method or free samples.

To support customers, we need provide good quality products but also offer them convenience which can build mutual-trusts for future cooperation.

6, Keep your promise

Last but not least, keep your words. Keep it or you don’t promise it.

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